CharmingUmbria was born from the vision of Elisa, a travel agent who after 30 years of experience decides to offer travelers what one should expect from a respectable tour operator:

correct, reliable and guaranteed information so that the vacation of your dreams goes beyond your dreams!

Every package, experience, tour that you find in CharmingUmbria has been designed, edited and verified in every detail by the CharmingUmbria staff.

All information is correct, accurate, guaranteed especially regarding proposals for people with disabilities or special needs.

I am the owner of the agency. I am a determined person, focused on the goal, efficient in organizing any type of event and holiday. I can give you advice on every corner of the world you would like to visit: when to go, what to bring, what to do or what to avoid…

I am the other owner of the agency. I am a calm but efficient person, able to listen and with a very sweet character. If you are looking for an impossible destination, a full flight seat, and there is only one chance of finding it, I am the right person: impossible is my middle name!

Where to find us: we are in Todi, in the green heart of Italy. You can find us in Località Ponterio, 79/G, a stone’s throw from the highway.
When you find us: from Monday to Saturday from…. And after hours we are always available for any need! Your holiday is our mission: we accompany you with a reassuring and discreet presence from the choice of solution to your return home.