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The Cantico della Natura holds an admirable panoramic position on the top of a hill which dominates a marvellous view of lake Trasimeno. The drive into the forest will surprise our guest at their arrival at Il Cantico.

Completely isolated after having left the habitat of Montesperello and the nearest farm house for about 1km, the forest has wrapped the trees in its arms; the farmhouse has around 500 olive trees which surround the area and which provide generous amounts of produce at the right time. The main farmhouse which hosts the Cantico della Natura, has remained intact for centuries and is entirely made of ancient local stones, the result of the work of patient stonecutters. Subdivided in two blocks, that go back to two distinct periods, perfectly harmonized in a building in the form of an L. There are two agricultural annexes, reconstructed after the collapse of the same rock, mother of all the forms, sometimes poor, sometimes surprisingly rich. Composed by 10 rooms and two apartments. Each room wears the colours of the month, in fine furnishing of the baths, the pastels of the walls, the Umbrian cloths and the objects which are placed there. Small but delicious the beauty centre is dedicated to host no more than 2 people. The activities which we suggest, from participating in the cultivation phases, to themed dinners, to internal research, to yoga, well-being with the conviction that harmony with the cycle of nature can coincide with one’s own harmony. Harmony that the symbols, hung in our rooms, reproductions of the masterpieces of Pisano in the Fontana Maggiore of Perugia, convey in every aspect of a sincere welcome.

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